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Temple Of Lunar Light

With Luna Fane I want to create a community based Temple of Witchcraft for all those interested in learning more about the craft and for those that already have experience, to find and connect with others. Being a Sole Practitioner I have found that alone is great, but sometimes having other people or resources is a huge help and benefit. The website is a way to keep up to date on all that the Fane is doing, the services we offer, and what others can do in our community and theirs.

Luna Fane Gets an Overhaul

Hi y'all, Mooen here with some updates and new things going on with the site and facebook and such. We have been in the midst of some serious things here in NOLA. COVID has decided to come back and bite us in the ass with this new strain, vax cards and masks are a thing now and my cancer has been in a holding pattern of not worse but not better either. Then right at the end of August Hurricane Ida decided to make landfall and rip our city up one more time. My two crappy computers got caught in that crossfire and were soaked so I was without access to this site to do any updates to it. It has been a crazy ass time but, I have utilized that down time to renovate the page (on paper) and now that I have a beautiful new HP laptop I am getting those changes from paper to website and I am excited as can be to show you my ideas. I hope you like the changes, thank you all for sticking with Luna Fane, you are the best.

COVID-19 Updates:

NOLA: Within the city we are considered Modified Phase 3. What does this mean? Masks are mandated in public spaces, some stores and businesses are requiring vax cards or proof of negative test to enter along with mask. For more information on guidelines within the city please check out as they have the latest updates and statistics.

Louisiana Statewide: As of September 25th, 2021 there have been a total of 734,524 cases reported in the state, with a frightening total of 13,741 deaths*. Our hearts go out to those families. There are 1,141 patients in hospitals with 201 of those on ventilators. The state has been hard at work getting testing sites and vaccine sites up and running and implementing rules for masking and vax cards. Many local pharmacies offer testing and vaccinations,

medicaid and medicare are fully paying for both, which means no co-pays. For daily updates on the situation, or for specific parish information you can check out the Louisiana Department of Health website. They offer many resources for the community at large to get help with testing and vaccinations.

Nationwide: There have been almost 43,750,983 cases reported in the US with a total of 706,317 deaths reported. Daily those numbers increase however the reports I am reading say they are "leveling" off. Meaning that the reports are coming in at a steady rate and are not spiking. Each state has different regulations and mandates, and are enforcing their policies differently. To get updated information please look to your states Department of Health website, each state has a site to help their population navigate through this strange and difficult time.

You can also check the Federal Health and Human Services website for information, vaccination sites, and updated guidelines.

I hope that everyone stays safe and does what they think is best for themselves and their families. Stay safe everyone, and for those attending any Luna Fane events please be advised that we appreciate you being cautious and if not vaccinated, please mask up. I have been vaccinated myself, due to my cancer I want to stay as safe as I can, I do not need any other issues rising in regards to my health. Stay safe y'all.

Conjurer's Brew has gotten a make-over. New face...same great taste.

Take the Halloween poll to see what movie people think is the most scary horror movie of all time. I scoured the internet and compiled a list of lists. These seem to be the most popular.

Click the "take survey" button and come back to see the results.

Hurricane IDA Relief/FEMA Updates

With the recent hurricane having blown through Louisiana and several other states there are many scams, rumors and unofficial websites all over the place. I have taken to the web to sort out some o f my confusion and will try to help you with that as well. In this section I will list out the facts I have come across and the also list the fraudulent/fake things as well.

One of the first things everyone should do if they were affected by the hurricane is log on the the FEMA website and register with them. This entitles you to a one time emergency cash payment of $500.00 for miscellaneous expenses to get thru the hurricane. Many people are also receiving $1,061.00 for rental assistance from FEMA as well. This comes in handy for those that had to evacuate and have hotel bills, many people were left with no way to pay their rent after the hotel costs.

The FEMA site has a lot of information and can be hell to navigate at times but the phone lines are extremely busy and I personally was hung up on by the automated system for two days before I was able to get through. I have done the online process myself and helped some neighbors and friends do it.

A word of warning, as one of my friends found out, there are people claiming your address. While trying to register online my friend was told by the system that FEMA could not verify his information, we tried several times and eventually had to call the office. When he finally got through to FEMA they told him that his house was already being claimed and he could not claim anything on it until he proved he actually resided there. Should this happen to you, the steps are fairly simple, if not annoying. You must show proof of residence. A light bill, water bill, lease, or other legal type mail such as a bank statement, can provide that proof. There is a fax number listed to fax the information in, however going online is usually the quickest way to get that information to FEMA. Upload your documents, I suggest at least two, and they respond within a day or two.

FEMA is reimbursing for generators purchased within one week prior to Ida and chainsaws during and immediately following that hurricane. The amount for each generator is up to $800.00 and for a chainsaw $250.00. Those are the numbers I have, please double check their website for any changes. They are requiring a receipt, so make sure you have them before filing the claim.

I had an adjuster at my house within a week and have heard from many people that they had one at their home within 1-2 weeks as well.

There are many local churches and non-profits offering help and assistance to those still displaced or in need so check out any websites you may have for your church or agency for their information.

One scam I have heard was in the contractor area. People are paying sown payments and scheduling work to be done and the contract is not showing up. One claim stated the number was a fake one from the contractor, no voicemail, just the "no service" announcement.

Do your due diligence and check out any company before you give them a check, money order, or cash. Filing a complaint will not get you any money back. If a contractor is trying to coerce money from you by saying they have a waiting list or using any other means of guilting you into a deposit, they are probably not legit and you don't want to work with those kind of people anyway.

Also be cautious about giving out your information over the phone. FEMA, the IRS, and all the other state and federal agancies will not call you to verify your information. They will send a letter notifying you to contact them.


Its that time of year and here in NOLA the celebrations are in full preparation mode for Halloween. Due to COVID, Ida, and many other personal and financial issues Luna Fane will NOT be hosting its annual All Hallow's Eve celebration in grand fashion. The Fane will be celebrating with a small ritual then in to the city for a night full of debauchery and bad decisions.

Catch up with the happenings in the city this year and requirements here on our event page. Check back as it will be regularly updated to keep you informed of the latest changes and restrictions as they apply.

October Spread of the Month:

A simple spread for honoring the Magick and lore of Samhain

Follow me through this months spread as I dig deep inside once again to show you the details that this one offers. Included are two bonus "spooky spreads" for Halloween. Join the fun and don't forget to hit us up on Facebook and Instagram and share your reads.

Luna Fane is dedicated to helping our community grow stronger and promoting awareness. In that effort we are creating community gardens that people can help with, but more importantly, they can get help from. All the food grown in our gardens is given to the community at large. When each harvest is picked it is put out for those in need. At the end of each day it is donated to local food banks, churches and other centers that provide for the community. Check out our community page to donate or volunteer.