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Who, What, Why of Luna Fane

Starting 12/01/21

Understanding Tarot:

Learn Tarot starting from the beginning. Twelve classes over six weeks starting with a brief history and taking the tarot by sections to show the significance of each part of the deck and how they relate to each other. These classes will be based on the Ryder-Waite tarot. Check the events page in November for more info.

We are always reading cards, weekly, daily, sometimes hourly. We draw for love, money, and well, pretty much anything else that pops into our heads..

What started out as a silly conversation turned into one the most amazing things. We have since changed the name but have kept the great tea it started with.

We know our sun sign, and our Moon and Rising signs too. We can help you find out yours and tell you what it all means and how it affects your day to day life.

Symbolism is real, and it is everywhere. Anyone else seem to always look at the time on a triple digit? I see them way to often. Some people call it synchronicity, others call them angel numbers, or angel messages. What does it mean when you see them?

The Moon, in a tree, in a picture, is one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen, and we aren't afraid to admit it. Nothing makes me happier than a full moon high in the sky, unless it is blended with nature in such a beautiful way. After about 15 years with a cell phone I finally figured out how to take a decent pic of the moon.

I fall in love with, almost every single tarot deck I come across. It is an addiction like no other. This Universe card from a friend's Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley has me fascinated, The blues and yellows are truly amazing.

Bloopers * Outtakes * And Other Dumb Shit

this is just a test_blooper_1.mp4

When I first started recording videos for Facebook I was camera shy and it looked like I was reading from the side. This is one of the videos we shot trying to get me to look at the camera, or in its vicinity at least.