What's Up?

Here's where you can find all the projects we are working on and get updates on them. You can also find out if fresh food is available from our gardens and where you can get some for you and your family, along with a volunteer/how can I help form if you want to pitch in. Thanks for all your help!

Donations currently go through Conjurer's Brew, a sponsored business. To learn more about becoming a sponsored business contact our accounting department at

Community Gardens

There are so many people today that are struggling to make ends meet and and keep food on the table for their families. I know that struggle and I want to help in any way I can. By starting community gardens I wanted to build relationships. Relationships with the community and relationships between members of that community. See a lot of people don't really know their neighbor. That is fine, however, what if you would like to meet them. A garden is a great way to get people together, working towards a common goal. We don't need to peek in your kitchen cupboards to be neighborly, I know I always felt better knowing who was next door to me though, even if it was just a wave in passing, it made me feel more safe.

Gardens are a great way to teach your children how to grow their own food as well. Children are the best gardeners, they are so amazed by the growth that it puts all that excitement back into me. Gardening is a life long skill for kids to learn, and it offers them a great reward for free! Fresh veggies. I remember growing up and snagging fresh radishes and sweet as can be cherry tomatoes before my mother picked them all. I loved our summer gardens and I think most kids do. What a nice way to spend some free time with your young ones.

It also is an excellent way to get out and get some fresh air. More so now than ever. COVID has taught me to cherish the outdoors again. Now that people are getting vaccinated we can slowly start getting together. Of course stay safe and where masks when near others, but being in the garden you can safely distance yourself from others and still enjoy the company of something other than your wash machine.

Join us in your community and help yourself to some fresh fruit and vegetables as well. All the food grown in the gardens goes to those living there, if there are any left they will be taken regularly to shelters, food banks, and other places that help people who need it. The goal is to help people, while these gardens wont supply millions of people with food, they supply people with something fresh, something healthy, and even if it provides one salad, or snack it is one less you have to pay for, and that can be just what your neighbor needs right now.

Thanks for all the support and keep on growing everyone!

WANTED: We are currently seeking people that own land to allow us to add more gardens in and around the New Orleans area. We are seeking vacant properties, or properties with at least 200 sq. ft. of usable space to set up vegetable gardens. Items to be planted include tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and other items depending on time of year and location/sunlight. Gardens will be maintained by Luna Fane and its volunteers unless owners want to participate, and we would love that. Contact us at

Blighted Properties

Here in New Orleans we have many vacant lots and former homesteads, if you have one in your neighborhood, let us know. We are working with city officials to use them in our community garden projects. Gardens are planted and maintained by Luna Fane and its volunteers. You can send address information to

WANTED: 8-10 Volunteers that like to garden for an upcoming project in the New Orleans area. This is a one day event, approximately 6-8 hours of work involved. Food and beverages provided for all volunteers. For more information e-mail Mooen at