All Hallow's Eve

All Hallow's Eve

Due to every damn thing going wrong that could go wrong, Luna Fane has cancelled their All Hallow's Eve event, or postponed it until 2022. This year there will be a small ritual, more details on that later. Luna's participation this year will consist of a small ritual, then hitting the quarter, and Decatur to party with all the people who come to the city for Halloween. It will be fun to be out and see all the costumes everyone comes up with. It should be interesting, I am curious to see how many people will dress as a virus. I can't wait to costume up this year.

Let the games begin!!!

As Halloween approaches I find myself in one of the strangest situations I have ever been in. I am excited to go out and tear up the city in full costume. I am also a bit nervous. It has been a while since I have been out and about during a festival/party. So to make it a challenge and make it mandatory for me I am playing a game! And here is the game: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek RULZ:

  1. Those who know me personally and know what my costume is are disqualified from this contest.

  2. I will be posting to Facebook live through-out the evening to notify y'all of my location.

  3. Five hints will be given (one at a time) during those live broadcasts letting you know what my costume is.

  4. The first clue will be given at 8:30PM and will be delivered every 30 minutes in a one-minute live broadcast on Facebook Live.

  5. In order to win you must say "You're Mooen Faline from Luna Fane" however you'd like to say it, and you will be presented with your prize.

  6. Due to online life, once you say it and have won, a retake will be requested to post on Facebook live and other social platforms that Luna Fane is on.

  7. "Damn Mooen, what's the prize?", you ask. Well my friends, the prize goes to the first person to find me and that prize is $100.00 CASH, that's right folks, cold hard cash, one hundred George Washington's.

  8. So come on out and have a spook-tacular Halloween in New Orleans, and hey, put some Benjamin's in ya pocket.