Full Moon & New Moon Rituals

Every full moon I put together my own little ritual. From there it grew into an event.

Knowing that I am a witch a lot of my friends have asked me for help in one way or another so I invited a few of them to one of my personal full moon rituals. They came and were the best inspiration anyone could ask for.

Once I was ready to officially start, I explained to everyone my process. I also told them that as they do not follow my Goddess, they did not have to repeat after me, that they could wait until I raised my hand and then repeat my words. I had written a little something to include them, make them feel welcome and to get them in the spirit of things. We all know how the Universe listens to our voices when we are really into something as opposed to when we are just going along without feeling.

I did the ritual and they enjoyed their part, it was nice to see the interest and curiosity on their faces. Once we said our thank you to the God's and Goddesses I closed the circle, showing everyone that process. Then from that point, I was completely in awe. Everyone had a question, everyone had an idea. We sat around and I answered questions, and explained things about the way I practiced and tried to include as much info about the tradition as a whole, not just my customs. It was such a wonderful feeling, people that don't follow this path, were interested, they were curious, they wanted to know more. That was a defining moment for me, and that is what these full moon and new moon rituals are all about. Teaching, learning, and getting to know yourself better.

The rituals now are designed to include anyone that wishes to participate. If you have something you would like to do specifically, that is okay as long as it is inclusive, since my main objective is to teach and learn and I have these open rituals for that purpose. People who have an idea that they don't want to do in a public ritual can speak with me and we can figure something out such as a private ritual, or even a guided process written out for you.

Schedule of Events

Day of every Full & New Moon

Recommended Donation $5.00

5:00-7:00 PM Doors Open/Guests Welcome/Brief Overview

This is a bit of a meet and greet for newcomers. A brief overview, drinks and snacks served. Anyone with questions are asked to keep it brief at this time.

7:00 PM Ritual Begins

The actual ritual starts with Mooen's personal incantation, others may include something as requested.

@8:00 PM Ritual is complete, "???" begins

This a more in-depth Q & A session, more relaxed laid back atmosphere for personal questions and learning. People are invited to share personal events, stories, and information. Occasionally guest speakers may be on hand to share. This is when time stops, those wishing to stay, may stay, however the main ritual is complete.

Rules for ALL Events

  1. Recommended donation is NOT mandatory to attend the ritual*.

  2. No person under the age of 21 will be allowed to drink alcohol on the premises.

  3. Persons of all ages and denominations are welcome to attend any event, however those under the age of 16 are required to be with a parent or legal guardian.

  4. Any person or group involved in racial profiling, hate speech, or other derogatory actions towards any member or guest based on age, sex, race, or religion will be removed from the premises and banned from future events.

  5. Opinions are welcome, arguments and fighting, however, will not be tolerated, all parties involved will be removed from the premises.

  6. While under COVID-19 restrictions all guests and staff are required to wear protective face masks and undergo temperature scans upon arrival to the event. If you are feeling sick you asked not to attend for the safety of others.

  7. All events are rain or shine unless otherwise noted, please dress and prepare accordingly. Refunds on pre-purchased tickets will not be given based on weather, unless we are under severe weather warnings such as hurricane's and tropical storms.

*Donations are not mandatory, however, as space is limited, preference will be given to those who purchased tickets or who are current members in good standing.