Numerology is the study of numbers in relation to your life events. Yes, that is a very basic statement, however it is complex in nature. Numbers correlate to so many aspects of our lives. Our birthday, social security number, anniversaries, the list goes on. In numerology, those numbers have aspects relating to our souls, our personalities, and they can guide us in making decisions about important events.

Numerology uses specific things in your life, such as your date of birth and your name at birth, to calculate a single digit number, which leads to meanings, their names are Life Path, Soul Urge, Destiny and many more. These meanings then describe the different parts of your personality.

There are two main methods for calculating your numbers, The Chaldean Method, which is less common, and The Pythagorean Method. Both charts are found below with more information. There are other less popular ones but for the purposes of this page, for now, we'll stick to these two.

I have used both to see which is more accurate for me. I actually prefer to use both as they have different aspects, while the meanings of the numbers are the same, and they cover the same areas of your life, for the most part. I haven't found any major differences yet, but I'm still exploring and learning. Check out the meanings below, try the two types of calculations and see if you find the differences, if any. See which you prefer and drop me an e-mail, let me know which one you prefer, or if you found one better than the other. I will update this page as I learn more as well, to keep you up to date too.

Pythagoras' Method

Pythagoras was an astrologer, a mathematician, a musician, and a spiritual guru. His method of numerology is more popular in western numerology, it is straight forward and alphabetical. If you pokearound on-line you can find a hundred different calculators to do all of this for you, but I am old fashioned and like to sit down with pen and paper and ink it out. So click around and see what you can do, I have the meanings for you as well, so you can see what all your numbers mean and you don't have to brave the depths of the internet like I did, haha.


4+6+6+5+5 6+1+3+9+5+5=55

Add the two numbers to reduce

to a single digit, 5+5=10, 1+0=1

My Life Path number is 1

Ok, ok, for those of you that don't wanna do the all the calculations by hand, I have included links to two of the websites that I found to do great work, FREE. Astro-seek uses Pythagoras' Method has literally tons of information and calculators you can use totally free!!! There aren't a shit ton of ads to distract you either. Check it out at today. It lists itself as a meet other people site but you can opt out of that and it doesn't push or harass you to join, pay, or meet.

The other site is all about Chaldean Numerology and is a wealth of information. There are some places where it will cost you to get info or to learn more, however the free tools are amazing and will give you so much, you won't need to pay for the extras. WARNING: When you click on the calculator, enter your info, you will see your info in a manner that needs explanation, click on the TOOLS, there is a green box on that page "CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO USE TOOLBOX", make sure you do. It explains how to read the information and what you need to do to get it in your format. So, check out today and see what Chaldean numerology says about you!!!

Chaldean Method

The Chaldean method is believed to be older than Pythagoras'. While not popularized in western numerology it is quite popular in eastern numerology. Some believe it never became popular here due to its more difficult number to letter system. As you can see Pythagoras' set-up is straight forward, 1-9 and A,B,C alphabetical. The Chaldean Method chose its number to letter system based on the vibrations of each individual letter. The values are calculated the same way, however, as soon as you get to a double digit in the Chaldean method, you bring it down to a single digit then continue on until you are through all the numbers. Me being me, I had to check it out and see if the total was different and in the four names I used it was the same. You'll notice there is no nine in the Chaldean chart. They believe the nine is magic or mystical, and can disappear so they feel it is trickery and dishonest and do not use it in the calculation section. For a little more info about Chaldean Numerology click click here or navigate above to Numerology, then Chaldean Numerology.

Okay so this calculation is odd, but i will try to show as easily ass possible, as I said I got no difference in the numbers after trying 4 different names: I am using the church name for this demo, Luna:





1+4=5+1=6 Chaldean Calculation

3+6+5+1=15=1+5=6 Pythagoras' Calculation