Life Path 22

The Life Path 22 indicates that you are born under the shadow of the most powerful of all the life-determining numbers. Life will offer you extreme situations and will force you to extreme decisions. On the one hand, you have the potential of the Great Architect with the ability to perceive the great archetype in this field and retranslate it unto the world. On the other hand, you can wallow in the depths of ignorance and even be unable to feed yourself.

The strength of life path 22 is unusual. Only through considerable efforts will you be able to bring together people, ideas, and resources, the three elements necessary for implementation of your plans.

The way to the goals of your life is filled with dramatic events. It is because of your character, where the most opposite characteristics are combined. You have both inspiration and innate practicality. For example, you can learn how to cooperate effectively with different people. This allows you to understand all kinds of people, can bring them to achieving a common goal. Your task is to turn dreams into reality.

Persons with life path 22 will cope well in business and politics. You can think and act at international scale. You are always hitting on grand projects.

Somehow you manage to see the limits of every particular idea, from where and to where it will work. This intuitive ability lets you evaluate the practical value of ideas. You have great ambitions, and although they are difficult to manage, they allow you to achieve all your goals.

A person with Life Path 22 is a great builder of a better and improved world. Lofty ideas of such people allow them to turn dreams into reality no matter what they want to build, whether it be organizations, enterprises, or governments.

Natural vocations and careers for Life Path 22 are mechanic, engineer, architect, hardware manufacturer, draftsman, carpenter, builder, contractor, mason, dealer in furniture, technical writer or technician, programmer, or computer analyst, army officer, manager, librarian, accountant, civil service or government work, trainer, office, manager.