Life Path 7

People with the vibration of the Life Path 7 by their nature are deep thinkers and introverts. You look into everything, trying to get the clear cause of things. You do not accept anything without proof, and you will always form your own, long lasting opinion on the subject. When the seed of thought goes into your subconscious, you will have it for a long time, as it is now thoroughly understood by you. And only then you will begin to act or decide to refuse any action. This is your way to the attainment of the great philosophical truths, which you will use in your future, comforting and helping the suffering. You have the gift of extrasensory perception, you are often visited by the feeling of déjà vu, that feeling that you already had a similar experience before.

You will always have a role of the philosopher, teacher, or healer, but it will not be easy for you to teach, if you do not overcome your self-isolation. Your habit to be reserved with others gives you the reputation of being unapproachable. Only those who understand your inherent state of dreamy, quiet meditation are able to reach you. The lucky ones!

Interests of those with Life Path 7 are primarily culture, history and philosophy, everything that adorns life, you need more than air. You are able to enjoy a beautiful painting, a sculpture, or the book of a talented writer. Without such pleasures you cannot keep going with your life. You are a rare connoisseur of the artist's skill, and you can admire every single stroke on the canvas, not just enjoy the general impression from the picture.

Your majestic appearance is just the right one for your noble manners. Everyone is showing respect to you, and you take it as something that you truly deserve.

Life is often frustrating for people with the Life Path 7. You will meet many obstacles on your path, but your philosophical mind will help you to understand that life itself is an obstacle to overcome. And only if you try and do your best to cope with your problems, will the burden of life become a little easier for you. For this reason, you will use the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of life and use the knowledge you gained for your self-improvement. This is your way finding happiness.

Personalities with Life Path 7 are never in a hurry and always find time for some rest and reflection. You do not have to worry about issues of economic nature, because you have, in general, everything you need.

Life Path Number 7 is the number of mysticism, which has to be learned. Questions have to be asked in order to penetrate the mysteries of the soul and open them to the uninitiated. As for the material needs of a mystic, Providence will take a good care of those. Your gift is rare and it should not be spent for nothing.

Your weaknesses are a tendency for gloom, alienation, secrecy and do not contribute to good rumors about you. If people have the impression that you are an emotionally cold person, then of course it is difficult for you to start a friendly relationship. You are also characterized by cunning and prudence in the worst of your times.

Natural vocations and careers for Life Path 7 are scientific authority, archeologist, authority on antiques, psychoanalyst, surgeon, historian, marine biologist and any other work related to the sea, like sailor or deep sea explorer, theologian, clergyman, authority on etiquette, psychiatrist, scientific researcher, detective, investment counselor, judge.