October Spread of the Month

Witches Samhain Spread


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This is one of the tables I like to do readings on. It is nice and wide so I have room to "spread" all out.

Again, I am using the Tarot of Dreams deck by Ciro Marchetti and Lee Bursten. Ciro's artwork is stunning and her description of the tarot is spot on while having an original twist to it.

All laid out and looking pretty and full of that Air energy. My oh my, what the cards have in store for me.

My Reading for the Witches Samhain Spread

  1. Banishment - Five of Swords - Representing what I need to banish from my life the five couldn't be more accurate. This card signifies arguments, aggression, bullying, conflict, hostility and my biggest enemy, STRESS. I really do need to eliminate all this from my life. Things have been crazy lately and it seems like everyone just wants to fight.

  2. Crossroads - Emperor - The Emperor embodies many things but for myself I would have to say that his biggest trait that needs to

change in my life right now is stability. I feel like I am bouncing around, even though I have a home, I also can say that his discipline, focus, and practicality are in definite need of change, as in I need them. I have been feeling like I am floating on the wind for the last month or so. I need to stabilize myself and get my shit together.

3. Seance - Three of Cups - This card has me all over the place. First, my ancestors are a bunch of drunks, lol. Serious;y though, I do have a long line of drinkers in my family, so this was a pleasant surprise, but my feeling is that they are not telling me to go out and party more, have celebrations, and go to more social events. I feel like I am being warned about my drinking. To keep on the path I am on as far as slowing down and staying away from liquor. There is plenty of fun to had sober. (I still drink, just not nearly as much as I used too.) Not only does this help me financially, but in terms of my health, it kills my liver when I drink too much now. My ancestors have passed on due to drinking related illnesses so if anyone is going to warn me it is definitely them.

4. Ritual - Four of Swords - Well I can certainly say that rest and relaxation are NOT my magical power. I am an insomniac. For most of my life I have been unable to sleep until I am so exhausted that I crash. Now I am not innocent, there have been some points in my life when that was not solely due to insomnia, but for the most part sleep or rest and I have never seen eye to eye. I am not the type of person to go lie down when its bed time, I will continue to work through the night while everyone is asleep and it is quiet and peaceful. Which is when and where I find my sanctuary, my peace. In those quiet hours between dark and light. I love going for bike rides at three in the morning and watching while my city is asleep. That is when I find myself most relaxed and feel the most rested afterward. That is what enhances my spirituality.

5. Love Spell - Two of Swords - I can honestly say that I would expect nothing less than difficult choices, denial and stalemates in my love life. It has been that way for most of my life. I don't think I have ever had a normal relationship, unless it was with myself. If I had to choose between lovers, I most certainly would choose the wrong one, haha. Seriously though, I have not had great success in my love life and by the looks of it, this coming year will be no different.


6. Scrying - Seven of Swords - As if I needed one more Sword in my draw! This one does not seem to be bringing good news with it either. From what my intuition and gut tell me, I will either be the victim of fraud or I will be committing it. This card tells of trying to get away with something, or trying to sneak off to be alone. The latter seems more relevant to my situation. I do like to go off alone and just be by myself, and exploring new things on my own is rewarding because I am not distracted by others. I guess that in itself can be a deception of sorts if I am going off into the night and not telling my significant other.

Lots of sword energy

This is a fun little spread to check in with your future self. Personally I am going to try it when the veil is weakest, I might even change it up a bit to be ancestors instead of myself, ya know from the past not the future.

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The Talk with Your Future Self Spread

*Courtesy of LilacMoonTarot

This last spread for Samhain and Halloween is about your fears and anxieties. I tried it and found it quite interesting. I gave me ideas I didn't even think of. Again, I want to do this one when the veil is thinnest also.

The Haunted Tarot Spread

For resting that which haunts and soothing fear and anxiety.

~ Courtesy of Evvie Marin ~ InterrobangTarot.com ~