August Spread of the Month

Your Angels & Your Demons:

A guide to your light and dark sides

  1. Your current state of balance.

  2. Your light side.

  3. Your shadow side.

  4. How does your light side express itself in your life?

  5. How does your shadow self express itself in your life?

  6. Advice for balancing your light side.

  7. Advice for balancing your shadow side.

This is a great spread to do if you have been feeling like you're in need of some shadow work. For those that of you that aren't sure what that is, it is confronting the dark side, some call it the evil side, or usually just the side you keep hidden from others. If you had a lot of trauma in your childhood, you may find yourself repressing many memories and behaviors from your past. Read on for more.

Carl Jung

"Shadow work involves diving into the unconscious material that shapes our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors," describes Akua Boateng, PH.D. in a SHAPE magazine article.

In today's society there are many people dealing with mental health issues that can sometimes be traced back to those repressed ideals from our childhoods. Many people attend therapy to help them move past the traumas they have had since childhood. We are conditioned that certain actions, feelings, and behaviors are unacceptable, we repress them and they become our shadow selves.

Carl Jung, pictured above, popularized the shadow-self, saying you may have learned to suppress this side of you as a child. Rage, anger, jealousy, greed,

and selfishness are considered undesirable. We all have those feelings, but are generally taught that they are not socially acceptable. When you become uncomfortable expressing those feelings, your shadow-self develops. It is buried deep in our sub-conscious. As adults when we get triggered by something or go through particularly trying times this dark side of ourselves can appear. It is then that we should try to examine where the shadow self resides and try to work it out for our own happiness as well as for our relationships.

Therapy can help with getting to the roots of our shadow selves. Professionals know how to dig safely into our minds and help us to deal with the overwhelming feelings that caused our repressions to begin with. They can teach proper ways to embrace the hurt, sadness, and anger so we can release them permanently.

Being a witch I use meditation, candles, rituals, and spellcasting to deal with my shadow side. I have also done therapy, groups, and drugs and alcohol. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, I found my best solution is talking to people I love. Hearing my sons voice can take me out of my hell. Seeing a message from my daughter lights up my day. It is personal and individual, something that each person has to choose for themselves, but in the end if you make the choice to work on your shadow self it will benefit many areas of your life. Never be afraid to reach out for help, there are numbers at the bottom of this page if you or someone you know needs them. Blessed Be.

My Angels & Demons Reading:

I don't think I have such an amazingly spot on reading in my life, and I have been reading my own cards for over thirty years. When the cards came up, one by one I was even more chilled with goose bumps. As I was shuffling the Five of Coins flew out 3, yes, three times. With that the reading started with a bang., and I see everything the cards are saying in my light and dark sides. It truly describes what I feel, think, and how I act. I am happy to share this with you, help you get to know me. If any of you would like to share, join us on Facebook or Instagram,. I'd love to hear your readings, or your thoughts.

  1. Palace of Swords- In the dream deck I'm using, the Palace is like real estate for the court cards. It is their home where they interact with each other and can really be themselves. They embody all the traits of their suit. Being my current state of balance I try to think clearly and rationalize things in an open manner that is fair to everyone, even if it may hurt myself. I rise above emotional issues and biases and try to think of everyone involved. Internally I balance myself through my mind, not letting emotions rule my life, thinking things through, though I can sometimes be cold, emotionally, on the outside.

2. Temperance - Being my light side, this is an amazing and really accurate card. It fits perfectly with the Palace card before and is really how I do try to live my life, I do my best to keep things in proportion, Everything in moderation, I always say that. Without the bad we would not know good, without dark, there would be no light. I keep my perspective clear, I don't judge because I can't, it is not my place. In the things that I do, I try to be fair and respectful.

3. Five of Coins - Representing my shadow side the five couldn't be more accurate. The card has a couple meanings depending on the context, but the main definitions certainly pertain, such as having a "poor me" frame of mind, being let down by institutions, and going to extremes to help my loved ones. This also has strong feelings for me in that it represents, to me anyway, my separation from organized religion and leaves me feeling that since then I have been out in the cold. Even though I was just a child when I left Catholicism, that mentality has always been a part of my life. Try as I might to leave it behind. I see the struggles, the pain, and the misery that has been a part of my life. This is that hurt child that wanted so badly to just run away.

4. Five of Swords - This is the only card that threw me off. As the way my light side expresses itself in my life, this is a tricky one. I read and re-read the booklet that comes with the deck about twenty times before it finally hit me. The five is a humiliating defeat, ours or one we inflict upon others, life handing us a shit deal, or the need to always be right, who always has to win, no matter who the loser is or how it hurts them. While I don't aim to hurt anyone in the course of my actions, I can be cold, and sometimes thoughtless or careless. I have been in situations where I found out that my actions hurt someone and I was not good about making it right, or apologizing. I do feel the need to win at all costs, and that can hurt those around me when I am blindly going about my crap and leaving their thoughts behind. These are things I need to keep my eye on, things I need to be more careful about. I don't always have to be right, even if I am wrong, at least I'm learning what is right in the process. I need to learn it is ok to lose, sometimes, and to be more aware of my actions.

5. Queen of Coins - This is such a wonderful card in most readings and here representing how my shadow side expresses itself in my life, it really takes her positivity to its shadow side. I try to take care of everyone, all the time. I give and give until I have nothing left to give, and usually it is those people that hurt me the most. I do my thing in stride, I spend a lot of time alone because I have no real people in my life except the takers, the ones that want something because they are used to me being the caretaker. I spend too much time thinking of the material things I have and the ones I want, and place a high value on possessions. Even though I try not to be greedy, I may seem so to a stranger. While I do enjoy nice things, I don't for their beauty, I do so more for their status. I can be aver bearing at times when trying to get people to do the right thing, when I should be more convincing, and less pushy.

6. Faith/Heirophant - A deeply personal card to me as it represents my faith, and how strongly I feel about it. It is finding the meaning above and beyond the material world. For the purpose of this reading it is the advice for balancing my light side. It is ethics and morals, a philosophy, religious teachings and traditions. I have been involved in witchcraft for over thirty years and feel extremely traditional in my personal practices. I enjoy a life of simple shit. I have strong values and follow a very strict set of rules that I live by. Even though I may do things in a way that others don't like or approve of, I try to do them for the benefit of everyone involved and in an honest, straight-forward manner. Getting back to my traditions has felt great and being more involved in witchcraft is a way to be more centered and close to mother earth.

7. Nine of Coins - To me this card always represents happiness, and this context, my advice for balancing my shadow side, well, money makes me happy. However, that isn't really what this card is all about, It is a symbol of peace at attaining what you have worked for. The woman is alone meaning she acquired what she has on her own, but that she may be lonely. The ultimate meaning in its negative form, is that I close the world out and retreat into my shell when things get hard or tough. It is a bad trait that I have, I know myself and have been so hardened by the cruelty of those that are supposed to love me that I shut down and go into myself to find my sense of peace and quiet. I need to learn to trust, to let people in, and to let them help me sometimes. I am not alone in this world, even though there are times when I feel that I am. hen I spend time alone it should be because I want to enjoy it, not to escape from some problem or trouble.

This was a really insightful little tour though my psyche, I learned a little more about myself. I guess I am still harboring some things I thought I had gotten over. When choosing this month's spread I was thinking a lot about mental illness, depression, and anxiety. I suffer from those, have most of my life. My children are going through a lot of these issues, and many friends. My son has come out on his platform to speak about his issues, to get others to talk, and to get information out to people who may be scared of some form of backlash, or to those out there that do not know where to look for help. It is a bright spot in my day to see him do this, it is raising awareness and that is needed more than ever. "You are not alone, reach out, take my hand, I will help you because it helps me."- Tammie Guay

SAMHSA- 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

National Helpline- Free, 24/7/365, confidential, referral information service. They can direct you to resources in your area.

SUICIDE PREVENTION- 1-888-333-2377

Referral service to support groups, mental health professionals, suicide prevention and more.


Connects you to a trained crisis counselor.

NAMI HLEPLINE- 1-800-950-NAMI (6264)


Resources to individual and families, education, and prevention. Crisis help.