July's Spread of the Month

3-Card Spread's

From past/present/future to love/money/sex, three card spreads are used to divine answers to some of the most important questions we have. I decided to devote July's feature to those little spreads we use so often.

I have scoured the internet looking for as many different versions I could find for these little treasures. Below I have listed some for y'all. There are so many, I didn't have room to list them all. Also if you have any others, please let us know.

As usual while I was looking up information on the different uses, I had to try them out, below are a few of those as well. I wasn't going to tell you the things they represent, but...that just didn't seem fair.

  • Past

  • Love

  • Mind

  • Situation

  • Embrace

  • Dream

  • Tomorrow

  • Desire

  • Red Light (stop)

  • Present

  • Money

  • Body

  • Obstacle

  • Accept

  • Life

  • Next Week

  • Obstacle

  • Yellow Light (Maybe)

  • Future

  • Sex

  • Spirit

  • Lesson

  • Let Go

  • Fear

  • Next Month

  • Solution

  • Green Light (Yes)

Desire/Obstacle/Solution- I want to burn my home to the ground, mostly because of battles the may not be real. I need to look at what I have, not daydream about what is missing.


Cleanse Your Cards:

Your cards should be cleansed regularly to keep the negative energy away from them. If you read often or for others you may want to do it more often, however I do mine monthly and find that they have a nice positive vibe to them.

Love/Sex/Money- Looks as though I need to learn more about love, but I may get to fool around with an Aquarius??? And naturally I am hurt by money issues.

Holding the card in the sage smoke

Cleansing with Sage:

Cleansing with sage can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Simply, just hold the card in the smoke of the sage, let the card bask for 5-10 seconds, then move on to the next card.

A whole ritual with sage, pink salt, candles, and "ringing bowl" music.

You can also go all in and create a whole ritual. This is a New Moon cleansing I did using a mantra to cleanse too.

Past/Present/Future- I had a happy home life once upon a time, and I guess I am having a crisis of faith, mostly in people not so much religious. I have always had problems with rules, and I can be a bit power hungry. I'm working on that though, lol.

Cleansing with the Moon:

On a full moon night, shuffle your cards and spread them out on your window sill. Preferably one that gets moonlight most of the night. Leave them until dawn, so they get the full moon's energy all night. When you gather them in the morning they will be cleansed by the moon. This is great if you are real busy, as you can put out your crystal's too, to energize them. Don't forget your moon water!