June's Spread of the Month

The Divine Goddess Spread


Mooen Faline

I am so excited to finally have this page up. It has been under construction forever it seems. I am a tarot lover and have been reading for 33 years, so this page is truly very important to me. I wanted it to be perfect before I let the public view it. In retrospect I should have just kept working on it while it was up because that is exactly what I intend to do anyway. Lord knows I have tons of information to put here and it will be nice to get it out of my head for a change.

In my years of doing Tarot I have used so many different spreads and I have adjusted them here and there for my own personal use. Many times because they don't cover all of what I want to know. June's spread of the month, however, is a brand new spread that I created. So far I haven't seen one like it although there are similar spreads which use similar references. I have found it to be quite accurate for the questions I ask, so far, and want to share it with you, so you can see if it is as good in your work.

My first actual read after testing.

It took several attempts at card placement and working with my favorite deck, but eventually...

The Who, What, Why...

I have used so many different spreads that I felt I needed to do something of my own, I just had no idea what and how to go about it. Then like the proverbial light bulb I had that moment of clarity. The outline is a sigil to the Goddess I found online, as I was staring at it I thought it would be cool to do a spread over the likeness.

Trial and Error

The positions became clear by their own doing. By asking things I already knew I placed the cards and let them tell me where they should go. For instance, I asked if I should leave my living situation for someplace new, placing the cards out in the positions I was given the answer in only one spot. When I was done the layout seemed perfect.

More Trial and Error

Once I had the placements where I thought they should be I started testing the spread. My first real read from it was like a wow moment, it felt so spot on. I recorded everything and daily for the next seven I did a read with the spread asking various things that were easily within reach so I could verify its accuracy. The results for me were so accurate that I really thought I was "cheating". Then I had a fellow reader use the spread, and they agreed it was "quite fricken good" was the quote she used. It has become my favorite of late.

Using the Dream deck I truly fell in love with this spread. The cards lay out so beautifully and with interpretations that are similar to Rider-Waite but just different enough to give you a slightly different perspective I am able to get a truly insightful read.

I would love feedback and opinions so please try it out and drop me a line either on Facebook at facebook.com/lunafaneorg or email me at mfaline@lunafane.org. Thank you in advance!! While you are there check us out, I do a card of the day draw every morning, it is usually posted by 5:00 am but on my days off by 9-10 ish.

Here I have some pages I drew from images I found that were in direct correlation to either myself or my Goddess. I laid those out to help the cards and I focus in closer on what I wanted. I then shuffled and drew my cards and wow, it sure worked. This reading here told me everything but the blood type.

I have found so far, that this spread is great for specific questions, and even when I wasn't sure what it was I wanted to know, I just decided to draw and low and behold, it was like the whole read was straight from my mouth instead of the cards.

In this draw, using a friend's Thoth Deck by Aleister Crowley, where the card meanings are quite different, I would still get the answers and guidance I asked for. I know, that's what the cards are for. Yes that is true, but you know that feeling of drawing cards and not getting even a hint from them, specially on a borrowed deck. Well with this spread I didn't get that blank or less than feeling, I got a good read.

Art Class?

I drew the pentacle and it looked so empty. Looking for symbolism, I found items directly related to her and then used the glyphs for my sign and drew them using colors both my Goddess and I relate to. These are just little things I do to feel closer and more in touch with my Goddess. Do what makes you comfortable.

Strictly Hecate

This one is all about Hecate, the larger being her sigil, the smaller one a sigil to invoke her. I lay this on top of the pentacle, then lay the cards on top of them both. Naturally if something speaks to you, use it, and find symbols, glyphs and items that correlate to your Goddess/God. Make it personal